Project 38

For Loop (75 points)
Write an applet which will allow the user to enter a base and exponent - both of type integer. The applet must then find the exponential value. If the base is 0 and the exponent is zero, make sure you indicate the result is undefined. Otherwise, if the base is zero, the result will always be 0. IF the exponet is zero without a zero base, then make sure your applet indicates that the result is 1. If the exponent is postive, then use a for loop to determine the exponential value. If it is negative, then use the following formula for the calculation:
xy = e ( y ln (x) )
That is x to the y equals e all to the y times the natural logarithm of x.
Math.log returns the natural logarithm of a number.
Math.exp returns e(the base of natural logarithms) raised to a power.
Since you can not take the log of a negative number, you will have to design your applet in such a way so that you can still use this formula.

Other Requirements:

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