Project 39

For Loop, Objects, DrawString, Fonts & Radio buttons (100 points)
Write an applet called which will allow the user to enter a minimum and maximum integer. Write an object called which will call. must calculate the sum from the minimum to the maximum. The sum must be returned to as an integer. Have ouput each term from the minimum to the maximum using the drawString method. Must also output the sum of these integers calculated by Do not output more than 5 terms per line, and make sure the last term is not succeeded by a plus sign. If the minimum integer entered is larger than the maximum, then make sure you output an message indicating the error. For example, Before the maximum and minimum integers are entered, supply a menu of radio buttons to the user to decide upon the name and style of the font in which the output will be displayed. The menu should be as follow :

        Select you output font.

Other Requirements:

Sample Output for project 39