Project 41

One - Dimensional Arrays & getParameter(50 points)
Write an applet which will find the mean average of "hm" many integers. Your applet must first retrieve an integer from an HTML file. This number will represent how many numbers which will be averaged. Based on this number, use a for loop to retrieve from the same HTML document those numbers which will be averaged. If there are hm many integers, then fill a one-dimentional array with these integers as follows :

num[0] = 14, num[1] = 10, num[2] = 22 ... num[hm-1] = x.
Where xis the last number in the list.

Use a second for loop to find the sum, and a third to dump out the array list. Output each term in equation form. The last term must not be succeded by a plus symbol. For example,

Other Requirements:

Sample Output for Project41