Project 42

One - Dimensional Arrays, getParameter, Bubble Sort (75 points)
Consider the following parameter tags in an HTML document :
< param name = num0 value=23.4 >
< param name = num1 value=2.3 >
< param name = num2 value=3.14 >
< param name = num3 value=0.22 >
< param name = num4 value=3.14 >
< param name = num4 value=17.2 >
Write an applet which will find the median average of each value in the tags. Fill a one-dimentional array with these floats as follows :

num[0] = 23.4, num[1] = 2.3, num[2] = 3.14, num[3] = 0.22, num[4] = 3.14, num[5] = 17.2

To find the median you must first sort the list in ascending or descending order. If there is an odd set of numbers then the median average is defined to be the middle term in the ordered list. If there is an even set of numbers, then the median is defined to be the mean average of the middle two terms in the ordered list. Use a bubble sort, to arrange the floats in ascending order. Output the sorted list and the median using an italic font. For example,

Other Requirements:

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