W200 Syllabus - Summer II 2001

W200 Using Computers in Education (3 credits)
(For Secondary Majors)
Summer II 2001 - Monday & Wednesday 2:00 - 5:15 p.m.
Greenlawn 132 - Education Computer Lab

Instructor : Simone (Sam) Powell
Phone: 616-699-7953
Homepage: www.mrpowell.net
Email : mrpowell@mrpowell.net or sipowell@iusb.edu

Extra Help
Greenlawn 132 - Monday & Wednesday 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Course Description
Required of all students pursuing teacher education. Introduction to instructional computing and educational computing literature. Hands-on experience with educational software, utility packages, and commonly used microcomputer hardware.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to :

  1. Use computers (hardware and software) as a teacher productivity tool to increase the efficacy of teaching.
  2. Select and use appropriate computer programs and related technology as an instructional tool to improve student learning.
  3. Utilize the internet as an education tool to expand and enrich classroom learning.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the social and ethical issues of educational computing.
Course Text Books

Book Title


Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching 
Second Edition
M.D. Roblyer &
Jack Edwards
Merrill/Prentice Hall
Microsoft Office 2000 for Windows Dan Henderson Peachpit Press

Lab Rules
Food and drinks are not allowed in the computer labs.
Please clean your work area.

Diskette Management
At least four 3.5" high-density (HD) floppy disks are required for this course. Label your four disks: W200 Projects, W200 Projects Backup, Homepage, and Homepage Backup. The disk labeled W200 Projects will hold your files which you will turn in for me to grade. W200 Projects Backup will contain backups of those files. Similarly, you will save your homepage files on the remaining two disks. You may also need a zip disk to complete the software evaluation project. Please label each disk with your name and email address.

Grading Standards
Attendance and Participation = 10% of grade
Projects = 90% of grade
Projects will receive a 10% deduction for each class meeting it is late.

Course Grading Scale
A+ (100 - 97%) A (96 - 93%) A- (92 - 90%)
B+ (89 - 87%) B (86 - 83%) B- (82 - 80%)
C+ (79 - 77%) C (76 - 73%) C- (72 - 70%)
D+ (69 - 67%) D (66 - 63%) D- (62 - 60%)
F (59 - 0%)


Tentative Course Schedule

SN DATE Topics
1 Mon. July 2 Course Overview
Computers in Education
Computer Basics
Windows 98 Basics
2 Mon. July 9 Word Wide Web
Searching the Web
Educational Web Sites
Electronic Mail
3 Wed. July 11 Macintosh Basics
Word Processing
Student Progress Reports
Clip Arts
Teaching with Spreadsheets
Grade Book Worksheet
4 Mon. July 16 Databases
Mail Merge & Mailing Labels
5 Wed. July 18 Databases
Managing Information
Test 1
Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching
(Chapters 1 to 7 & The First Steps on the Internet)
also class notes
6 Mon. July 23 Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI)
Software Evaluation
Web Downloading & Stuffit Expander
7 Wed. July 25 Power Point
8 Mon. August 30 Creating a Homepage
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and FrontPage
9 Wed. August 1 Scanning Images
Software Presentations
10 Mon. August 6 Power Point Presentations
Test 2
Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching
(Chapers 8 to 15 & the appendix) also class notes
11 Wed. August 8 File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
12 Mon. August 13 Homepage Presentations